Monday, September 17, 2007

# 7 Blog about technology

“Library 2.0…it’s not primarily about machines and software: it’s about using the best tools and ideas to provide the best possible service to our users”

[A presentation by Marylaine Block
for the British Colombia Library Association , April 19, 2007

The Learning 2.0 program is all about teaching you how to use web 2.o tools, and some of these tools you may may find useful to help deliver services in the library.

For Exercise #7, simply blog about anything technology related.
Yes, it can be anything that relates to technology!
You just need to share a few thoughts.

Perhaps you might like to talk about 'Creating Content' , or a technology you now rely on to perform everyday tasks.
Try for at least 100-150 words.

We have all come along way using technology in a very short time. Can you remember learning to use a computer and a mouse (!!!), and having to send an email instead of faxing a memo?
Imagine now having to cope without these technologies

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